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Thank you for considering SCAU for the publication of your original article. Our foundation is built on science journal quality articles, accessible to all. A good analogy is to picture a scientific journal article being presented to coaches - high on quality and applicability, low on jargon. Further, we are completely independent and provide a platform for coaches to contribute to the profession, engage with peers and educate athletes through a viewership of 6000+ people.

How writing for SCAU benefits you:

  • Build a reputation as an industry thought leader by sharing your ideas, methods and results.
  • Have an SCAU bio amongst elite peers. This will help you be found via Google search due to our domain authority.
  • Gain further exposure through our weekly email newsletter and social media posts.
  • Help coaches improve their practice and athletes their sporting performance.

We encourage all readers to submit work that is informative, educational and entertaining but before you do, please review the following guidelines:

  • This is no minimum article length though the average is 1500-2000 words. Common practice is take your journal publication and rewrite for a coaching audience. However, we also accept programs, technique articles, reviews and original video articles etc.
  • Include title, category and 5-6 keywords.
  • Articles should be referenced, preferably Vancouver, but will be converted into this format for readability by SCAU staff regardless.
  • We aim to advance the profession so write that way! Write with passion and conviction and be fearless!
  • All articles are checked for plagiarism over 16 billion web pages and academic papers. All submissions must be new, authors original work and not previously been published. However, previous works can be updated for the SCAU audience. Authors who plagiarise will be blacklisted.
  • We only accept .doc and .rtf files.
  • Photos for your article are welcome, and must be unedited, of the highest size and quality with a reference for horizontal shots. Photos must not contain any promotions or advertisements of any kind.
  • Videos for your article are also welcome, must be 720p or greater and shot horizontally. must not contain any promotions or advertisements of any kind.
  • All authors are vetted before publication. Degrees and certifications aren't a prerequisite but real world experience is. Your submission must be effective in producing results.
  • For your author bio, please provide a high resolution square picture (500 x 500 preferable), links to your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, as well as a short bio (<100 words) that may include one link (must be a non-affiliate link)
  • Submissions that do not comply with the above may not be replied to.

Submission Checklist

I have read and understand the above guidelines.

My article is in .doc or .rtf format and a separate file.

My article includes a title, category and 5-6 keywords.

My submission is original, my work and not published elsewhere.

My photos are unedited, my videos are at least 720p and neither contain any advertisements or promotion. These are all separate files.

I have included an author bio (<100 words) plus my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn details, and a high resolution square picture as a separate file.

I understand my submission may be slightly edited but the "voice" and full credit will remain mine.

I have attached the following as separate files - article, photos inc. bio pic, videos and bio text in an email, that includes "Article Submission" in the subject to

If youve made it this far, thank you and we look forward to publishing your contribution!